The defense case in brief

13406886_1092044667551306_5337813064674634647_nOn the night of July 1-2, 2013,  Jason Sadowski was in his truck in a parking lot, preparing to go home, when he was approached by two drug addicts, Angel Paris and Becky Bressette. They agreed to go to Jason’s studio and were drinking and smoking. Angel and Becky were stealing money and other things from Jason when he was out of the room. After Angel admitted stealing money, the women started arguing and fighting over who had not given everything back.

Jason said he would call the police if they did not give everything back.  Eventually, Angel somehow persuaded Leroy Cope to help tape Becky and herself to poles in the basement. When Jason came back down to the basement he cut both Angel and Becky free, then left the building to buy some coffee to help them sober up. Soon after Jason left the room, Angel called 911, saying Jason had taped her and Becky to the poles, causing Jason to be arrested when police arrived.

Later Angel and Becky made additional false allegations : that Jason had assaulted them, forced them into the basement at sword-point, smashed their heads against the poles, choked them, burned Becky with a cigarette, forced Angel to examine Becky’s vagina to find the money, and asked Angel to kill Becky.

Jason was wrongly convicted in March 2014, the conviction was overturned on appeal, after a jury retrial he was found not guilty on all counts on March 17, 2017.

If you don’t believe someone would stage a scene to shift blame onto a victim of theft, consider this : it worked! Instead of being held accountable for stealing Jason’s money, Angel and Becky were protected, and Jason, the victim of the theft, was arrested instead. Angel even has a record of similar stunts.

Note that Angel had to go to drug court that morning and have a urine screen, a multi-panel drug test. So she had a powerful motive lie, to become a witness against someone, a protected informant.

Please see Issues for evidence that Angel and Becky lied again and again about what happened.

About Jason
Jason began training in the martial arts at age 8, and achieved a first degree black belt at age 12. He was a Civil Air Patrol volunteer search and rescue member, and was trained in CPR techniques.

About Sarah
Sarah is Jason’s ex-wife who saw Angel and Becky not taped to the poles (see here). Sarah worked as an EMT Paramedic, 9/11 responder, a volunteer until her ambulance rolled over in 2003 and left her a paraplegic. Sarah has hired a lawyer for Jason with savings she had, but the money has run out and the attorney she hired is now working pro bono.

You can read letters of support for Jason here and learn more about Jason and Sarah here or at www.freecoachjason.com.